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l.a.Eyeworks |  COVID-19 Response & Planning



UPDATE: May 28, 2020


l.a.Eyeworks retail shops are at the heart of our optical universe and we are pleased to let you know that our two locations in Hollywood are moving into the future with a well-prepared and careful approach.

Whether you’re seeking options for remote styling, curbside pick up/drop off, personal in-store appointments, or eye examinations*, we’ve developed a variety of options designed to help you get your glasses groove back.

Taking into consideration a broad spectrum of public and ophthalmic health guidelines, we’ve developed and rehearsed a series of protocols aimed at protecting your well-being and safeguarding our incredible team of opticians.

l.a.Eyeworks stores are open by appointment only. Please call or e-mail in advance of your visit. Entrance is limited to one person unless that person is a minor or requires physical assistance. Reducing access allows us to properly observe physical distancing guidelines and to keep our stores clean after each visit. The bonus for you is a calm, low-traffic environment with our undivided attention.

Although we pine for your presence, we strongly encourage remote options at this time. Ask us about contact-free alternatives for frame repairs, adjustments, and sampling new designs. Whether by phone, curbside drop off, e-mail or video chat, we love finding creative ways to work outside the stores.

If you would like an in-store appointment to select eyewear or for an optical exam, we require the following:

1. answer simple, pre-arrival screening questions and permit us to take your temperature upon arrival with a no-touch infrared thermometer (we’ll even take our own for you, too!)

2. sanitize your hands upon arrival (we also offer disposable gloves)

3. wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times (disposable masks available, too)

4. observe physical distancing

5. All frames are disinfected prior to your arrival, augmented by a rigorous cleaning program for tables, seats, optical equipment, tools, countertops, etc., throughout the day.

Our staff are equipped with multiple protective options. You are likely to encounter your favorite optician with a new look, including a mask, a face shield, and gloves. As part of our protocols, opticians also have their temperatures taken every day upon arrival and are versed in best self-care practices in and outside the stores.

l.a.Eyeworks opticians are frontline care providers and they are empowered to make any judgments they deem necessary for your safety and theirs. Please be patient and kind with us. We’re all learning new steps to the dance together!

STORE CONTACTS (Mon-Sat / 11am-7pm)
Beverly Boulevard: (323) 931-7795;

Melrose Avenue: (323) 653-8255;


* exams are provided by independent doctors of optometry



UPDATE: April 8, 2020


We continue to send our good wishes and concerned thoughts to all affected by the COVID crisis and we extend our heartfelt thanks to all healthcare and service workers for their truly heroic efforts. We have been very fortunate that our staff and immediate families remain healthy. Your notes of concern and good wishes have been deeply appreciated.


l.a.Eyeworks Retail Stores


Our retail locations on Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard remain closed to the public until government and health authority guidelines allow us to return.


In the meantime, our entire optical team is available to assist you via phone and e-mail during regular business hours:


● 7407 Melrose Avenue, tel. (323) 653-8255,


● 7386 Beverly Boulevard, tel. (323) 931-7795,


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, wants and concerns.


Although our usual speedy processing is taking a little longer than usual, we have embraced the challenges of social distancing and tele-opticianry to provide styling advice, shipping of existing orders, shipping of try-on frames, sales of gift certificates, and crisis resolution for damaged frames and lenses whenever it is possible.


l.a.Eyeworks Wholesale Accounts


Although our wholesale teams in Los Angeles and Ornex, France, are working remotely for the most part, we are available to assist you with orders, payment processing and other inquiries via phone and e-mail during regular business hours:


North America: 962-3915


Europe: 4 50 40 73 73


Frame orders are being shipped regularly and as quickly as possible, usually with no more than 1-2 days delay.


If you need a package directed to you at a temporary address during this time of frequent closures, please let us know.



UPDATE: March 16, 2020

Dear friends of l.a.Eyeworks,

In our previous notice a few short days ago, we promised to keep you up to date with our decisions regarding COVID-19. To insure the well-being of our staff and the city we love, please note:

* l.a.Eyeworks retail stores in Los Angeles at 7407 Melrose Avenue and 7386 Beverly Boulevard are closed, effective Monday, March 16, 2020. There will be no admission of visitors under any circumstance.

* We are anticipating at least two weeks of closure. We will e-mail a date of re-opening when we can set one with confidence. For now, we are focused on doing our part to mitigate transmission and flatten the curve of the infection rate.

* We will be responding to voicemails and e-mails as quickly as possible (see contact information below). We will also try to answer the phone when we can. We are working in a new mode so we kindly ask for your understanding and patience.

* While we’re apart, let’s develop our virtual vision together. In fact, let’s make it 20/20! Whether it’s by e-mail, text, or webcam, we’ll style an expert selection of new glasses for you. Free shipping both ways with a 20% discount on any frames purchased during the closure. And when we turn the lights back on, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on lenses and a custom fitting for your new frame(s) – in person – at our beloved stores.


It seems likely the landscape will continue to evolve. We intend to roll with it and keep you up to date along the way. Although there may be some short-term disappointments as we focus on the greater, long-term good, we are committed to doing the very best we can for you in the interim.

We might be remote for now, but we are never far apart.

Be well, and be kind to one another.

l.a.Eyeworks, 7407 Melrose Avenue, tel. (323) 653-8255;

l.a.Eyeworks, 7386 Beverly Boulevard, tel. (323) 931-7795;


UPDATE: March 13, 2020

l.a.Eyeworks |  COVID-19 Response & Planning


Like you, l.a.Eyeworks is paying close attention to the evolving situation with the coronavirus, to the recommendations of health authorities, and to our own existing and enhanced level of care as eye health advocates and providers.

From the beginning, we have approached this event as a shared endeavor in which we must all care for ourselves and others with equal attention and respect. We have and will continue to make decisions that best protect our customers and insure the well-being of our staff.




As of this communication our two retail stores in Los Angeles are open for regular business hours (Monday – Saturday, 11am to 7pm).


We offer all of our customers a fleet of hand-sanitizing options upon arrival and we are engaged in vigilant cleaning of shared surfaces, equipment and eyeglasses. These practices have been in place at l.a.Eyeworks for some time but now they are amplified and made more visible.


We encourage all of our customers to follow guidelines prescribed by the CDC, WHO and others. If you are not feeling well or have been subject to other types of exposure, please do yourself and others a favor and save your visit for another day. Likewise, if you do not feel well and have an existing appointment, please contact us to reschedule.


As we navigate the challenges ahead, please let us know how we can creatively interact with you. Would you feel more comfortable making a scheduled in-store appointment with your favorite optician? Would you like to find a way to work remotely to find new pair of amazing glasses? Call or e-mail us! Contact information follows below.




We will notify you via e-mail of any changes to our hours of operation and service.

As always, you can contact us via phone or e-mail:

l.a.Eyeworks, 7407 Melrose Avenue, tel. (323) 653-8255;

l.a.Eyeworks, 7386 Beverly Boulevard, tel. (323) 931-7795;


While we know that terms like “remote” and “social distancing” are part of a new and necessary vocabulary, rest assured that l.a.Eyeworks’ mission to bring people together under the banner of great glasses will not be diminished.


Be good to yourself and to one another out there. Be patient. Be kind. Be sensible. Be well.


As always, our heartfelt thanks for your support of l.a.Eyeworks.