DECEMBER 14 2015 


Uncensored Visions FW15

Uncensored Visions FW15

Splashing across the l.a.Eyeworks universe is a vibrant new series of Uncensored Visions campaign portraits highlighting the brand's newest eyewear designs. Inspired, perhaps, by the l.a.Eyeworks tagline "A face is like a work of art . . ," photographer Josef Jasso approached Irish artist Derick Smith with a proposal that Smith's paintings create the visual environments for the new portrait series. Jasso, whose previous images for l.a.Eyeworks have included sensational portraits of Elvira, James St. James, and Rose McGowan, said of the partnership: " Derick Smith’s paintings are so alive with color and movement, they're like skipping instead of walking. Instant joy. Likewise, l.a.Eyeworks frames are incredible pieces of art on their own, but they really do come to life on the face. With this series I wanted to capture both ends of the art experience—to showcase the work as well as the reaction that looking at, and wearing, something so alive can bring. It's me returning the favor back to the art."

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