Wear Them Out: l.a.Eyeworks

Wear Them Out: l.a.Eyeworks

Fans of CBS' hugely successful procedural detective series Criminal Minds are deeply familiar with the fanciful eyeglasses wardrobe of Penelope Garcia, the bespectacled FBI brainiac portrayed by actress Kirsten Vangsness.

Here, Vangsness celebrates her first co-author credit (with Erica Messer) on the script for "Nelson's Sparrow," an episode intended as a commemorative treat for all the fans who've followed "Criminal Minds" since its inception in 2005 (the episode first aired on January 28).

Kirsten is wearing "Tread," an [almost] vintage l.a.Eyeworks design in a color we loved very much called "Pink/Red Split."

Photo courtesy Instagram @kirstenvangsness